Matt Williams Nature Photography

Matt Williams Nature Photography

Welcome! I am currently working on finishing a book entitled, "Endangered and Disappearing Birds of the Midwest."  This book focuses on forty of the species that could be in real trouble unless further conservation action is taken.  This book is being published by Quarry Books, and is due out on August 1, 2018.

"Read this book's informative text and linger over Matt Williams' stunning photography, and you'll agree that these treasures of birdlife are worth saving.  I highly recommend Endangered and Disappearing Birds of the Midwest to anyone who cares about the natural world."  -Kenn Kaufman

Clicking on one of the folders below will take you to different galleries featuring my nature photographs.  To find out more about my work, click on the "Recent Projects" page below.  To contact me, please click on the "About Matt Williams" page. Thanks for taking a look!